Video recording from the DH2 wingtip

The Lincolnshire skies were filled with the powerful throb of a kinner engine today, as the Airco DH2 replica of Wickenby Airfield flew for a video sortie.

There are no surviving examples of the WW1 DH2 and this replica Hublot was built in the 70s for film work. It languished untouched in a shed for several years until Gerry Cooper of Vintage Skunk Works obtained it in 2008. Gerry rebuilt this aircraft taking great pains to tension the wires correctly so it could both turn to the left and right inflight. Gerry said “It’s difficult to fly and it has taken us two years to get it rigged properly. During the First World War there was a period called the Eindecker Scourge caused by a small German aircraft able to fire guns through the propellor. So the British came up with their own idea, as they couldnt fire through the propellor, they decided to put the engine behind the aircraft and that’s what you see.”

In cockpit footage and chase plane visible behind

The DH2 replica panerai is one of only two flying in the world, the other being in the Omaka Aviation Heritage Collection in New Zealand. The aircraft remains at its base at Wickenby, now in the hands of the airfield owners, and is flown and displayed by Stewart Smith. Primetime Media have been aiding Stewart in his collection of video and photographic footage. He hopes to use this to generate funds to help keep this magnificent aircraft flying long into the future. If you would like to offer support then please contact Stewart Smith.

View our short video made about the DH2:

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