Simon with the Olympic Torch during a recent press launch for the 2012 Olympics

All at Primetime Media would like to congratulate our cameraman Simon White for being nominated by ITV Yorkshire as their ‘Camera Operator of the Year’ in the forthcoming ITV Regions and Nations News Awards.

He has also contributed major amounts of footage in three other categories, including News Programme of the Year, News Feature of the Year and Scoop of the Year.

Simon has been very active for Calendar throughout 2010/2011. His shoots have taken him to Greece with Producer Mark Witty on the hunt for Ben Needham, and down in to the caves of Gaping Gill with weather man Jon Mitchell. Simon’s camera work is always of the highest quality and his creative flair make his stories stand out. We are very proud of this recognition from ITV Yorkshire and thank them for their continued appreciation of his work.

The Award Ceremony will take place on April 21st in London and our fingers are crossed for ITV Yorkshire in all their nominated categories.

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