Simon filming ‘Rescue Breath’ sequence

This weekend saw the LIVES First Responder web videos completed and uploaded to their new LIVESHQ YouTube Channel.

They won our competition last summer for a one minute web video, but after initial meetings with them we decided to increase our support and create a series of videos to inform the public about how to cope in a crisis, and aid recruiting First Responders.

After a day filming with the team, we produced four short videos for them, and we’ve embedded them below for you to enjoy. Their new website will be online soon so make sure you visit and see the videos in situ.

LIVES Winner Steve Hyde said: “When Joanna came she was really impressed at what she saw and surprised at how important LIVES is for Lincolnshire and she decided to offer us a lot more filming.”

He added: “We are a professional organisation and a professional video is powerful for us and we were looking for a professional company. Suddenly, we’ve got a professional cameraman which, for a charity, is priceless. It’s a massive package which is really impressive.

“We find that when people fully understand what we do as an organisation they are then prepared to help us and we’re very grateful to Primetime Media for all they’re doing for us.”

Training to become a LIVES First Responder:

How to save a life using Simple CPR:

Using a pocket mask to ventilate a casualty:


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