Simon with his nomination

Simon White of Primetime Media has achieved a Royal Television Society nomination at last nights prestigious awards. The RTS Awards are the gold standard of achievement in the television community. Each year the awards ceremony recognises excellence across the entire range of programme making and broadcasting skills.

Simon was entered in the Professional Excellence: Vision and Audio by ITV Yorkshire and was one of only three to achieve a nomination in this category. It is the second prestigious event that Simon has attended this year. In April he was awarded a bronze in the ITV awards for Camera Operator of the Year 2011.

Simon’s recent work, which has contributed to these recognitions for technical ability, includes an undercover feature on the missing boy Ben Needham which lead him and producer Mark Witty across to Greece in 2011. The programme was shown on ITV Yorkshire and on a special national programme.

It was a fantastic night for the Calendar Team who came home with a few trophies.  Mark Witty received an award for Journalist of the Year, a fantastic achievement.  The award for News Coverage was received by Mark Witty for the Ben Needham Story, to which Simon contributed. And congratulations to Danielle Jones who received an award for Professional Excellence in Post Production and Special Effects.

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