We’re delighted to have been involved in a successful grant bid from the Institute of Physics to produce a follow up exhibition of ‘Project Sky Cube’, which will replay audible recordings of the electromagnetic wave spectrum from above the home of Sir Isaac Newton, for Gravity Fields 2016.

Primetime’s Joanna White produced phase one of this project above former RAF Metheringham, showing the finished art installation at the British Human Computer Interaction Conference and at Frequency Festival 2015 (featured as a Festival highlight in this Telegraph Newspaper review).  This grant will enable a development of the project and further opportunities to inform a public audience about their contribution to invisible human-computer communication networks that surround us all.

Joanna added: “I first contact Rosemary Richards who Primetime worked with at Gravity Fields in 2014, telling her about the project and its potential suitability for Gravity Fields.  She connected me with South Kesteven District Council and the IOP Grant Scheme, and things snowballed from there.  I’m currently in the development stages with the 2016 Gravity Fields team and can’t wait to see what sounds we can collect above Newton’s original home – the home where he first identified gravity and where the original apple tree still grows.  It will be fabulous to highlight some of his amazing scientific discoveries, while also reflecting on today’s technological communication developments.”

To record these eerie communications sounds Joanna will fly a microlight repeatedly through a 1km cube of air while analysing the electromagnetic signals between 800MHz and 2.6GHz – the signals which carry our mobile, gps and computer communications through the air invisibly.  The sounds are going to be replayed through 16 mobile phones, suspended from a ceiling with an accompanying projection showing location and altitude information.  You can find out more from watching the video above (including how the recording was taken in the air), and by attending Gravity Fields 2016 at Grantham – 21st to 25th September.  Joanna’s piece hopes to be on show for the whole week in Grantham’s Guildhall Centre.

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