Joanna White with her class, and instructor

Primetime’s Joanna White has been awarded 100% in her SUAV drone operators license training this week, only one of small handful to do so with Rusta at Lincoln.  This fulfils the first of three qualifying tasks, with the generation of an operators manual next and a final flight test at the old RAF Swinderby.

Joanna said: “Taking the theoretical examination and studying towards this pass has really opened my eyes to the complexities of owning and operating drones commercially.  As a private pilot I have often considered UAVs as a dangerous hazard to low flying light or military aircraft – so participating in this course has been reassuring.  I think in the long run I’d be happier if these safety courses were compulsory for all drone owner/operators so we can avoid many of the dangerous incidents regularly reported on national news.  I’m very excited to be taking this course, and naturally delighted to have scored 100% in my exam – though pressures on to make sure the rest of my submissions and flight test are equally to that standard.”

Once completed Primetime Media will be able to offer commercial drone video and surveillance operations to our clients at very competitive rates, so please do get in touch to discuss the possibilities with Joanna.

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