18664380_10155410331119169_1755850755621284265_nSimon accompanied ITV Yorkshire’s John Shires to Sir Patrick Stewart’s home this week to chat about his hopes for his boyhood heroes, Huddersfield Town FC as they prepare to face Reading in a battle to make it to the Premiere League.

Huddersfield Town FC have been a great influence upon Sir Patrick since the first game he went to see aged 7 with his uncle.  His allegiance to his home town team hasn’t faltered even during his time living in California when he dutifully checked their results in the English papers he went out of his way to procure.

One of his greatest achievements was the invitation from the Club to be their President of the Academy which he accepted immediately.  When asked how he feels now that Premiere League promotion is within Huddersfield grasp, he replied:

“I try really hard not to think about it, because I know if I do I’ll start brooding, and I know that my brooding will turn negative eventually. Because that’s a way of protecting yourself, like when I go to an audition I always assume I’m not going to get the job… So I’m not thinking about it, but I’m extraordinarily excited”.

Simon was delighted to record this exclusive interview with such a great British actor, who’s passion for his club was fully evident.  You can watch the interview on ITV Yorkshire’s Calendar news blog here.


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