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Primetime Media is a family run multimedia production company.  We supply television broadcasters with video news coverage and programme features working principally with ITV, and occasionally BBC, Sky and other independent production companies.  We also provide corporate video production and multimedia support to large and small UK organisations including the NHS and the FA.  Our online store, Primetime Video, has produced over one hundred video and DVD programmes for enthusiasts and nostalgia lovers covering farming, aviation, maritime, fairground, countryside and historical town life. Our archive programmes are award winning, using original motion picture film to transport the viewer back to days gone by. Visit our Primetime DVD & Book store for more information.

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 09.53.46Steve White, ENG TEC
Steve provides all Primetime’s engineering and technical support to our team, following his initial career training as a video engineering technician.  He films and edits corporate and documentary programmes, and is primary technician for the Lincolnshire Film Archive tasked with producing HD film scans for broadcast and domestic audiences.  Through Steve, Primetime administers the Lincolnshire Film Archive (Registered Charity No. 1000394) which was was set up in 1986 by Archivist Peter Ryde, to locate and preserve motion film showing life and work in all parts of the County. Please visit the Lincolnshire Film Archive website for more information and details of our DVD co-productions.

ITV News Camera Operator Award

Simon White
Award winning ITV cameraman Simon White, has been on of this region’s principle news and programme cameras for over 20 years.  He started out for Yorkshire Television in 1992 as an Electronic News Gatherer, and now travels across the UK and world for the ITV network as a single lighting camera operator. He has travelled as far afield as Australia and America with his work, most recently visiting Greece to document ongoing efforts to find Ben Needham, 20 years after he went missing from the Island of Kos. In 2012 he received a bronze RTS cameraman of the year award, and contributed to ITV Calendar’s Scoop of the Year award, and News Feature of the Year (read more here).

68d7aeb411ad269513cf2a8a65384164Joanna White, MA Digital Media
A camera operator, video editor, animator and web designer, Joanna has produced DVD programmes, corporate media content and supported ITV Yorkshire as a news camera operator for over 20 years.  She has managed live web sports events, live mixing and directing multiple cameras while scheduling running score graphics.  She provides digital video technical support to the film archive sector, and has produced multimedia art installations for digital arts festivals and academic conferences.  As a qualified pilot, she has directed a long-term project to archive Lincolnshire from the air and is currently preparing CAA documentation for a commercial drone operator licence within Primetime, which we hope will be operational from Autumn 2017.



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