Primetime were pleased to take part in BBC Radio Lincolnshire and Rosa Production’s outdoor spectacular Green Fields Beyond last weekend.  This major outdoor event presented an open air community performance and costumed processions through the centre of Lincoln to mark the 100th anniversary of Lincoln1916, and the city’s infamous invention of the tank.  It particularly highlighted the plight of the women who stayed at home to work in the factories building tanks as they worried and worked for their men away fighting.

This event was brought to Lincoln by the creators of LipDub in 2013, who linked up with us again to provide steady cameras to capture the procession through the centre of Lincoln. We also produced immediate packages for the web covering the live event on Friday night and Saturday’s procession and story telling events (video above, more on Rosa Productions Vimeo site) in the Castle.

From Rosa Productions website: “Funded by BBC North, a major grant from Arts Council England and support from Lincoln Cultural Destinations Fund, Green Fields Beyond will be professionally led and performed by local people, with thousands expected to watch at Lincoln Castle and on the city’s Steep Hill…   The project is named after the unofficial tank regiment motto ‘Through Mud and Blood to the Green Fields Beyond’, and will be part of city’s 100th anniversary commemoration of the events of 1916.   It took just 141 days for Fosters of Lincoln to turn rough blueprints into a fully constructed battle machine which went on to play a crucial role in battle during World War One.”


Working with children from Boston’s Blackfriars Art Centre, Joanna White from Primetime filmed and animated a short call-to-action video – the content of which was directed by the young people themselves.

As part of this public engagement project, Joanna compiled data surrounding world food sustainability and presented it to the bright young actors at a one day think-tank.  She was led by their ideas and enthusiasm, allowing their acting and improvisational skills to dictate the direction of the finished edit.

Joanna added: “The children were a delight to work with, very responsible in the green screen environment and were genuinely funny and productive. I’m very grateful to Blackfriars for the use of their stage to record the green screen scenes with the children, and to the Sam Scorer Gallery in Lincoln which formed the (albeit digitally enhanced) backdrop to the children’s green screen acting”.


Finally, to produce a number of talking posters (voiced by Alison Harris) she used specialist face morphing software and Adobe After Effects to bring all the elements together for this intricate two and a half minute production which was recently exhibited at Black Friars during their Food For Thought exhibition.


Primetime’s Steve White has been criss-crossing rural Lincolnshire, recording the work of four of the county’s leading charities for a video presentation at a joint fund raising event.  The videos were shot in high definition and shown on large screens at a gala dinner event, which was attended by about 520 people representing Lincolnshire’s farming, growing and rural businesses The aim was to raise funds for the four Lincolnshire charities.  The commentary was recorded by LincsFM’s agricultural broadcaster, Sally Elkington who is closely involved with the charities.

Chairman of Lincolnshire Rural Support Network (LRSN) and of the event organising committee, Meryl Ward, said: “The aim of the event was to showcase the work of the four charities and raise awareness of their work in the county. Lincolnshire is a vibrant and professional farming county, but there is another side to life as those who live here know. The four charities benefited from the funds raised at the event to provide help, advice and support for farming and rural families and communities in times of need.

“The films, which we commissioned from Primetime Media in Boston, showed some of the issues and the vital roles played by our rural charities. We hope that the films will be seen across Lincolnshire and beyond and will raise awareness of the support networks operating in the county. Its commentary and images are both moving and uplifting and beautifully portray the work of the four charities.”

Primetime has more than 23 years of experience of producing informative and compelling agricultural programmes and were well placed to produce these videos. Understanding the challenges facing farming and rural communities was key in their production.



The worst tidal surge for 60 years hit the East coast recently. The Environment Agency said the North Sea tidal surge was one to be very concerned about, prompting emergency planners to attempt to evacuate up to 18,000 homes in Lincolnshire.  Boston seems to have seen some of the worst of the floods as water levels on the river Haven surged. Many roads were cut off and homes were flooded resulting in local residents taking shelter in the Princess Royal Sports Arena.  Primetime’s cameras were on site for Calendar News.

This year marks the 60th anniversary of the East Coast floods, which deluged homes in Skegness, Mablethorpes and beyond. Today, residents of the East Coast awoke to flooded streets and homes reminiscent of those famous scenes from 1953.


Primetime’s official event DVD of the Blue Force Conversions Day is in production and will be available in early November. Primetime’s Steve White was there all weekend on the 29th & 30th September 2012 filming the whole event in high definition. Following on from the hugely successful Roadless 90 event which was held three years ago this event was just as spectacular with 174 conversions present based on Ford & Fordson tractors. Machines came from the manufacturers Roadless, County, Doe, Muir-Hill, Northrop, Matbro, JJ Thomas, and Bettison. Many of them were there to work on the 500 acre site in Lincolnshire. The official event DVD also features bonus footage of Saturday’s practice day, and will be released early November. It can be pre-ordered now from Primetime’s DVD website.