Do you have any old cine film with precious family memories on that desperately need saving before time runs out?

Primetime Media has all the facilities required to transfer your home movies to DVD or high definition* digital formats for very reasonable prices.  Please see our video clip for an indication of the quality that can be extracted from cine film stocks of 8mm, Super 8mm, 9.5 or 16mm.

Our studios are also equipped with broadcast quality video tape suites for transferring VHS, BetaMax, S-VHS, Video 8mm, Hi-8,DV/DVCam, BetaSP, BetaSX and DigiBeta formats.  If you have any tapes that can’t be played, or that are in danger of being unuseable in a few years (which is the possibility with all video tape formats today as technical support for the players are no longer available from the manufacturers) then call us on 01205 750055 to talk about preserving these files digitally.

Unfortunately we cannot transfer files that are copyright protected – for example TV recordings or commercially produced VHS films – unless written permission has been received from the producers of the programme or feature film.

*Tapes that are originally standard definition (ie VHS or PAL at 4:3) can be upscaled to high definition pillarbox but the quality cannot be greatly enhanced – unlike original cine film stocks.  Please speak with our team for more advice.

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The Lincolnshire Film Archive and Primetime Media have provided video material for use in a essay film called ‘Airminded’ made by the Society of Ontofabulatory Research, a group of academics based in the Media department at the University of Lincoln.

Primetime supplied aerial video of Lincolnshire which was edited to look like http://e-luxurywatches.com drone footage, and the Lincolnshire Film Archive supplied film material of aviation airshow footage from the 1930s to 1950s.

The video essay was produced for inclusion into academic journals, with the video being featured recently on the antipodefoundation.org website (a companion to the Antipode Journal), in their Interventions section.   This film also went on to win the best local film award during an evening of premiere’s at the Collection in Lincoln, for the Frequency Festival 2014.

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Peter Levy introduces DVD archive film

The launch of our new DVD series produced with the Lincolnshire Film Archive has been well received with local TV news features being aired.  BBC Look North recently presented a two minute package detailing the fascinating content of this film and talking to DVD researcher and narrater Alan Stennett about an era gone by.  ITV’s Calendar News also featured the new DVD series showing much of the historic archive with scenes across the county.

Alan Stennett – researcher and narrator

During an interview Alan Stennett stated “Getting yourself on film then was very rare, very unusal and very expensive.  So what is for us utterly commonplace to them was really new and really special. You really did think ‘crikey I’ve made it, I’m on film'”.  With regard to historical seaside holidays Alan explained “There was Dad in his three-piece suit, waistcoat, jacket, trousers, tie heading down on to the beach. His wife following on in a long skirt and almost high healed shoes – that you wouldn’t really expect to see nowadays”.

Down on the beach in full suits

Lincolnshire – A Century on Film DVD Series provides an insight into life in Lincolnshire in the early twentieth century.  Featuring home movies and recordings of state visits there’s film dating from 1901 when cameras were massive, heavy and hand cranked.

For more information or to purchase a copy please visit the Primetime Video website. To find out more about the Lincolnshire Film Archive visit their site.

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