Tuesday 11th July saw a visit to RAF Coningsby’s Battle of Britain Memorial Flight by the Duke of Cambridge, Prince William.  His visit marked the 60th anniversary of the ‘BBMF’, and he was joined by veterans from the Second World War and their families to enjoy a spectacular flying display from the station’s aircraft.  Prince William is Honorary Air Commandant of RAF Coningsby and is believed to take a keen interest in the BBMF and it’s aircraft, following his time spent in Lincolnshire during his early officer training in the RAF.

ITV Yorkshire’s Calendar, along with our cameraman Simon White, went along to film the event and interview veterans and guests who joined the celebrations:


Award We’re delighted to announce that Simon has won the highly coveted ITV News camera operator of the year, bronze award, for his work in 2016.  Camera operators from across the ITV regions were nominated, with just three winners receiving prizes during the ITV News awards ceremony on 8th July at London’s South Bank.  The judges complimented Simon on his varied showreel which featured material shot throughout the UK and across Europe.

It was a big night for all the ITV Yorkshire team, with several awards successes including two for Producer Mark Witty (pictured with Simon) and team including recognition for their coverage of the Ben Needham case.


slide_6Do you have any old cine film with precious family memories on that desperately need saving before time runs out?

Primetime Media has all the facilities required to transfer your home movies to DVD or high definition* digital formats for very reasonable prices.  Please see our video clip for an indication of the quality that can be extracted from cine film stocks of 8mm, Super 8mm, 9.5 or 16mm.

VHS-cassetteOur studios are also equipped with broadcast quality video tape suites for transferring VHS, BetaMax, S-VHS, Video 8mm, Hi-8,DV/DVCam, BetaSP, BetaSX and DigiBeta formats.  If you have any tapes that can’t be played, or that are in danger of being unuseable in a few years (which is the possibility with all video tape formats today as technical support for the players are no longer available from the manufacturers) then call us on 01205 750055 to talk about preserving these files digitally.  Unfortunately we cannot transfer files that are copyright protected – for example TV recordings or commercially produced VHS films – unless written permission has been received from the producers of the programme or feature film.

*Tapes that are originally standard definition (ie VHS, 720 x 576 PAL 4×3) can be upscaled to high definition pillarbox but the quality cannot be greatly enhanced – unlike original cine film stocks.  Please speak with our team for more advice.


Image courtesy of Kevin Gibson
Animation on show at the Lincolnshire Show. Image courtesy of Kevin Gibson, NHS.

Primetime Media were recently awarded an animation project for Lincolnshire Health and Care. The 3 minute 15 second animated feature (with closed captions) was first shown at the Lincolnshire Show last week, with plans to unveil it at doctors surgeries across Lincolnshire in coming months.  The script and voice over were provided by Lincolnshire Health and Care, but all the visual material has been generated by Primetime Media following discussions and indications of the client’s preferred style and content.

Lincolnshire Health and Care is transforming health and care in Lincolnshire by promoting joined-up care for all of Lincolnshire’s residents. This animation aims to highlight a new plan of approach for the over 70 year olds, who’s numbers are rapidly increasing.  It was decided the best route to illustrate this was to create a character, Mary.  This character recently lost her husband, suffers from a few health and confidence issues leaving her stranded at home, resulting in increased loneliness and vulnerability.  Lincolnshire Health and Care have clearly shown how they intend to combat situations such as Mary’s,  and by conveying this message using an animation – with simplified and direct language – this message will bring hope to those in a similar situation, or with family and friends who are.

Lincolnshire Health and Care add: ‘the challenge we face is not about doing “lots more of the same”, but delivering a radically different model of care, one that delivers care at home wherever possible and gives our residents greater choice, control and responsibility. This will mean that what our hospitals do may change significantly, with fewer admissions, greater specialisation, and a more joined up way of delivering community based care.’ (Lincolnshire Health and Care, June 2016).

This project was awarded to Primetime amidst ongoing video production work by Steve White for Lincs Health and Care and is our first animation commission, completed by our colleague Joanna White MA Digital Media.  We welcome any animation enquiries from across the UK, and will provide a competitive quote from our experienced and professional team.

We look forward to learning more about health care developments within Lincolnshire and wish all the team the best of luck with their future implementations.


The Lincolnshire Film Archive has launched a major new series of DVDs showing life and work in the historic county throughout the 20th Century. Drawing on its extensive motion picture collection, much of it never before made available for home viewing, LFA has set out to present a wide-ranging picture of a hundred years of Lincolnshire life. Town and country, work and play, wealth and poverty, peace and war, youth and age. You’ll find them all here, preserved on archive motion picture film. Volume One of this exciting new series, written and narrated by Alan Stennett, covers the century’s early years, with film dating back to as early as 1901. Grimsby trawlermen bringing home their catch, hats and dresses to die for – 1904 style, vintage motor cars and horse-drawn traffic in Lincoln; quarrymen working entirely by hand, but proud of their steam-driven lorry; industry that led the world with products designed and built in Lincolnshire, like the first caterpillar tracked vehicles and pioneering packaging machinery. There are royal visits, coronation and Empire Day celebrations; Great War recruitment and early aviation, Isaac Newton’s bicentenary, early Lincolnshire Shows, all the fun of the fair and seaside holidays; a children’s party in the 1920s, and bathing the baby in a small tin tub. And it’s true what people say about the old days; things really were different then. The policemen were actually taller, holiday-makers wore their best suits on the beach, and an aeroplane used to be something you could pick up and carry. Available now from Primetime Video. £14.95 each or for discount bundle prices.