We’re sorry to say our time working with the Super8series bowling tournament has come to an end after fulfilling a six month contract. During her time there Joanna would daily rig and direct three camera positions, build up the Telecaster mixing desk and computers, and managing a live mixed video and audio stream to web broadcasters in Vienna.  She would manage the complete broadcast on site from launch at 8am, which includes incorporation of all graphic score updates while continuing the live video editing.

She greatly enjoyed her time working with the excellent gentlemen and ladies at Lincoln Bowling Club and wishes the Super8Series much future success, but says won’t miss the 6am starts!

Joanna will now return to her studies at the University of Lincoln where she will be completing her Master of Arts in Digital Media in 2015. Watch this space!

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The Lincolnshire Film Archive and Primetime Media have provided video material for use in a essay film called ‘Airminded’ made by the Society of Ontofabulatory Research, a group of academics based in the Media department at the University of Lincoln.

Primetime supplied aerial video of Lincolnshire which was edited to look like drone footage, and the Lincolnshire Film Archive supplied film material of aviation airshow footage from the 1930s to 1950s.

The video essay was produced for inclusion into academic journals, with the video being featured recently on the website (a companion to the Antipode Journal), in their Interventions section.   This film also went on to win the best local film award during an evening of premiere’s at the Collection in Lincoln, for the Frequency Festival 2014.

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