Primetime’s Simon had a privileged visit to Lords Cricket Ground in London this week.  The ‘home of cricket’ Lords is thought to be the most famous cricket ground in the world, so it was a great honour for ITV Calendar to visit to film the England team warming up and during net sessions.

They managed to speak with Yorkshire’s Joe Root – the newly appointed England Test Captain – and opposition captain South Africa’s Dean Elgar.  The visit was timed ahead of Joe Root’s debut as captain in the first of a four test series.

Here’s a few photographs from the visit, and to find out more be sure to watch ITV Yorkshire’s Calendar News:


Primetime camera, Simon White, joined the ITV Yorkshire team to make history this weekend when ITV’s Calendar and BBC Look North joined forces to co-present their shows during the Great Get Together weekend, on the anniversary of the murder of Labour MP Jo Cox.  The weekend was planned by Jo’s husband Brendan Cox, who welcomed the initiative of the joint programmes which saw Christine Talbot lead with BBC’s Harry Gration, the first time in Calendar’s 49 year history.

“Jo was a big fan of both Look North and Calendar. You might say she had to be as an MP in the region! But she knew about the importance of communication and your programmes have been keeping Yorkshire informed for almost half a century. That you should come together in this way is very heart warming.” Brendan Cox [from ITV source]

The programmes were beamed live from Birstall Market Place, where one of the lead events was taking place.  June 16th will be one year to the day since Jo’s murder, and over 100,000 events are planned for the weekend 16-18th June, many of which are taking place within her home constituency of Batley and Spen.

To find out more about this event please visit the ITV Yorkshire website.


18664380_10155410331119169_1755850755621284265_nSimon accompanied ITV Yorkshire’s John Shires to Sir Patrick Stewart’s home this week to chat about his hopes for his boyhood heroes, Huddersfield Town FC as they prepare to face Reading in a battle to make it to the Premiere League.

Huddersfield Town FC have been a great influence upon Sir Patrick since the first game he went to see aged 7 with his uncle.  His allegiance to his home town team hasn’t faltered even during his time living in California when he dutifully checked their results in the English papers he went out of his way to procure.

One of his greatest achievements was the invitation from the Club to be their President of the Academy which he accepted immediately.  When asked how he feels now that Premiere League promotion is within Huddersfield grasp, he replied:

“I try really hard not to think about it, because I know if I do I’ll start brooding, and I know that my brooding will turn negative eventually. Because that’s a way of protecting yourself, like when I go to an audition I always assume I’m not going to get the job… So I’m not thinking about it, but I’m extraordinarily excited”.

Simon was delighted to record this exclusive interview with such a great British actor, who’s passion for his club was fully evident.  You can watch the interview on ITV Yorkshire’s Calendar news blog here.



We’re delighted to have been involved in a successful grant bid from the Institute of Physics to produce a follow up exhibition of ‘Project Sky Cube’, which will replay audible recordings of the electromagnetic wave spectrum from above the home of Sir Isaac Newton, for Gravity Fields 2016.

Primetime’s Joanna White produced phase one of this project above former RAF Metheringham, showing the finished art installation at the British Human Computer Interaction Conference and at Frequency Festival 2015 (featured as a Festival highlight in this Telegraph Newspaper review).  This grant will enable a development of the project and further opportunities to inform a public audience about their contribution to invisible human-computer communication networks that surround us all.

Joanna added: “I first contact Rosemary Richards who Primetime worked with at Gravity Fields in 2014, telling her about the project and its potential suitability for Gravity Fields.  She connected me with South Kesteven District Council and the IOP Grant Scheme, and things snowballed from there.  I’m currently in the development stages with the 2016 Gravity Fields team and can’t wait to see what sounds we can collect above Newton’s original home – the home where he first identified gravity and where the original apple tree still grows.  It will be fabulous to highlight some of his amazing scientific discoveries, while also reflecting on today’s technological communication developments.”

To record these eerie communications sounds Joanna will fly a microlight repeatedly through a 1km cube of air while analysing the electromagnetic signals between 800MHz and 2.6GHz – the signals which carry our mobile, gps and computer communications through the air invisibly.  The sounds are going to be replayed through 16 mobile phones, suspended from a ceiling with an accompanying projection showing location and altitude information.  You can find out more from watching the video above (including how the recording was taken in the air), and by attending Gravity Fields 2016 at Grantham – 21st to 25th September.  Joanna’s piece hopes to be on show for the whole week in Grantham’s Guildhall Centre.