Primetime Media has supplied holiday footage of Skegness for a new Visit England television advert campaign. The new adverts, which will run from March to June this year, will promote the resort as part of a larger advertising campaign that will aim to boost tourism across the country. Primetime Media spent a whole summer filming in Skegness and the surrounding area.


Vulcan XH558 has been featured on the BBC’s ‘Britain’s Hidden Heritage’ last night, when John Sergeant visited Doncaster Robin Hood Airport to meet the Vulcan to the Sky team and look around the aircraft.

Featuring heritage sites and objects of interest around Great Britain, the BBC decided to visit the Vulcan and meet the team who restored this iconic aircraft and the pilots who fly it today and who operated in them during the Cold War. The Vulcan is an aircraft which has captured the imagination of the people of this country, qualifying her to be thought of as British heritage.

John Sergeant is a self confessed aircraft lover and had a special interest in this aircraft as a school boy, dreaming he would one day be a Vulcan pilot.  He was allowed to fly alongside XH558 in an Extra aircraft belonging the the Blades Aerobatic Team.

The piece featured the history of the Vulcan, with lots of archive including restoration footage recorded by Primetime for our Vulcan XH558 Restoration DVDs.

The programme is currently available to view on the BBC iPlayer, and if you’d like to find out more about the Vulcan Restoration series of DVDs then please visit our Online Shop.

To find out more about Vulcan XH558 or to support her by donation or buying merchandise please visit


Lincolnshire pilot John Askew is looking to help put disabled aerobatics and disabled flying in general on the map.

After losing the use of his legs in 1994 following a horse riding accident, John didn’t give up on his flying hobby, quickly regaining his private pilots licence.  He was soon flying more advanced aircraft and decided to begin competition aerobatics.

John Askew using his modified rudder control

Now he’s flying one of the world’s most advanced aerobatic aircraft, the CAP232, with the hope of competing at the very top level this time next year.

He asked Primetime Media to compile a short video for him to help aid his search for sponsorship, and to raise awareness of disabled flying.  The first of these is live now and more will follow soon!

For more details about John and the British Aerobatic Association visit his aerobatic pilot profile.



Lincolnshire was put on the map when East Lindsey District Council teamed up with Primetime Media to produce a TV Commercial advertising Skegness, Mablethorpe and Poacher Country! The commercial was produced and directed by Steve White and aired on ITV regional channels across the East Midlands.

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Whitespace Publishers approached us to provide full video services to produce a DVD to launch with their new magazine and website –  We visited several bridal locations and recorded sequences with each for inclusion on the website and DVD, as well as creating an animated feature to demonstrate the benefits of their website.

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Lysanda Eco-Log Metro from Primetime Media on Vimeo.

Lysanda asked Primetime Media’s Steve White to create a short promotional DVD to demonstrate how their ‘Eco-Log Metro’ works when installed in a vehicle. The monitor alerts a driver when their acceleration exceeds an economical level.

Primetime fitted two specialised camera clamps inside the car to record a journey and then in post production combined both video tracks to create the finished result.

Find out more about the Eco-Log here.