Primetime were pleased to take part in BBC Radio Lincolnshire and Rosa Production’s outdoor spectacular Green Fields Beyond last weekend.  This major outdoor event presented an open air community performance and costumed processions through the centre of Lincoln to mark the 100th anniversary of Lincoln1916, and the city’s infamous invention of the tank.  It particularly highlighted the plight of the women who stayed at home to work in the factories building tanks as they worried and worked for their men away fighting.

This event was brought to Lincoln by the creators of LipDub in 2013, who linked up with us again to provide steady cameras to capture the procession through the centre of Lincoln. We also produced immediate packages for the web covering the live event on Friday night and Saturday’s procession and story telling events (video above, more on Rosa Productions Vimeo site) in the Castle.

From Rosa Productions website: “Funded by BBC North, a major grant from Arts Council England and support from Lincoln Cultural Destinations Fund, Green Fields Beyond will be professionally led and performed by local people, with thousands expected to watch at Lincoln Castle and on the city’s Steep Hill…   The project is named after the unofficial tank regiment motto ‘Through Mud and Blood to the Green Fields Beyond’, and will be part of city’s 100th anniversary commemoration of the events of 1916.   It took just 141 days for Fosters of Lincoln to turn rough blueprints into a fully constructed battle machine which went on to play a crucial role in battle during World War One.”


March11thScreen Shot 2016-04-25 at 09.53.46Steve and Simon were commissioned to capture a gathering of organ scholars from the Dr. Martin Clarke Young Organ Scholars Trust, who gave an impressive concert in York Minster recently. The footage will be compiled into a promotional video for the Trust to use as a fundraising tool.

Among the guests of honour were Dr Francis Jackson and Dr Philip Moore. Scholar Christopher Too, of Ampleforth Abbey, played Dr Jackson’s own 1952 fanfare to this exclusive audience and in this magnificent setting – all captured on camera for the Trust.

Audiences included trust supporters, friends and families, and a superb evening of music was enjoy by all.


Working with children from Boston’s Blackfriars Art Centre, Joanna White from Primetime filmed and animated a short call-to-action video – the content of which was directed by the young people themselves.

As part of this public engagement project, Joanna compiled data surrounding world food sustainability and presented it to the bright young actors at a one day think-tank.  She was led by their ideas and enthusiasm, allowing their acting and improvisational skills to dictate the direction of the finished edit.

Joanna added: “The children were a delight to work with, very responsible in the green screen environment and were genuinely funny and productive. I’m very grateful to Blackfriars for the use of their stage to record the green screen scenes with the children, and to the Sam Scorer Gallery in Lincoln which formed the (albeit digitally enhanced) backdrop to the children’s green screen acting”.


Finally, to produce a number of talking posters (voiced by Alison Harris) she used specialist face morphing software and Adobe After Effects to bring all the elements together for this intricate two and a half minute production which was recently exhibited at Black Friars during their Food For Thought exhibition.


We’re sorry to say our time working with the Super8series bowling tournament has come to an end after fulfilling a six month contract. During her time there Joanna would daily rig and direct three camera positions, build up the Telecaster mixing desk and computers, and managing a live mixed video and audio stream to web broadcasters in Vienna.  She would manage the complete broadcast on site from launch at 8am, which includes incorporation of all graphic score updates while continuing the live video editing.

She greatly enjoyed her time working with the excellent gentlemen and ladies at Lincoln Bowling Club and wishes the Super8Series much future success, but says won’t miss the 6am starts!

Joanna will now return to her studies at the University of Lincoln where she will be completing her Master of Arts in Digital Media in 2015. Watch this space!


Steve, Simon and Joanna undertook a five day project working with Rosa Productions and South Kesteven District Council for the Gravity Fields Festival in Grantham. They filmed and edited video packages for the Gravity Fields YouTube and other social media channels, and created custom graphics for the 2014 event. Shown here is just one of the many videos we put together live at the event for audiences to immediately view, and shows the brilliant finale to the 2014 event – Colossus!  To find out more visit the Gravity Fields website, on Twitter @gravityfields or their Facebook page.


Five thousand fans and WWII enthusiasts flooded the Aviation Heritage Centre at East Kirkby to witness an event surely never to be seen again, when three Lancaster bombers were reunited.  It has to be to only place on the earth where this sight could be witnessed, and Primetime were there to document it for the Aviation Heritage Centre.

The 69 year old Canadian Lancaster made the epic journey across the Atlantic in August 2014, and stayed in Lincolnshire before returning home again safely (although they had to borrow a BBMF engine) September 28th, 2014.  ‘Thumper’, as the Canadian Lanc is affectionately known, made many tours and trips about the UK with RAF Coningsby’s ‘City of Lincoln’ allowing thousands to witness this unique pairing.

The material recorded at East Kirkby is due to be released in the next Just Jane DVD installment, hopefully being released later this year. The short film will draw on recollections of the Lavenham team who last restored NX611 to flight in the 1960s, using their archive film and photographs. We’ll be telling this story in preparation for the inevitable return to flight of NX611 which has started in ernest and which we’ve been filming. You can read their regular return-to-flight maintenance updates on their website here.  What sight could better illustrate this wonderful anticipated event than the Canadian and BBMF Lancasters flying together over Just Jane?

Primetime has produced a detailed range of Just Jane NX611 DVDs which are available now from the Aviation Heritage Centre online store or from Primetime Video’s site.  Both sites also stock the DVD release of ‘Return of Giants’, detailing the whole journey made by the Canadian Lancaster team including both Atlantic crossings.