slide_6Do you have any old cine film with precious family memories on that desperately need saving before time runs out?

Primetime Media has all the facilities required to transfer your home movies to DVD or high definition* digital formats for very reasonable prices.  Please see our video clip for an indication of the quality that can be extracted from cine film stocks of 8mm, Super 8mm, 9.5 or 16mm.

VHS-cassetteOur studios are also equipped with broadcast quality video tape suites for transferring VHS, BetaMax, S-VHS, Video 8mm, Hi-8,DV/DVCam, BetaSP, BetaSX and DigiBeta formats.  If you have any tapes that can’t be played, or that are in danger of being unuseable in a few years (which is the possibility with all video tape formats today as technical support for the players are no longer available from the manufacturers) then call us on 01205 750055 to talk about preserving these files digitally.  Unfortunately we cannot transfer files that are copyright protected – for example TV recordings or commercially produced VHS films – unless written permission has been received from the producers of the programme or feature film.

*Tapes that are originally standard definition (ie VHS, 720 x 576 PAL 4×3) can be upscaled to high definition pillarbox but the quality cannot be greatly enhanced – unlike original cine film stocks.  Please speak with our team for more advice.


18664380_10155410331119169_1755850755621284265_nSimon accompanied ITV Yorkshire’s John Shires to Sir Patrick Stewart’s home this week to chat about his hopes for his boyhood heroes, Huddersfield Town FC as they prepare to face Reading in a battle to make it to the Premiere League.

Huddersfield Town FC have been a great influence upon Sir Patrick since the first game he went to see aged 7 with his uncle.  His allegiance to his home town team hasn’t faltered even during his time living in California when he dutifully checked their results in the English papers he went out of his way to procure.

One of his greatest achievements was the invitation from the Club to be their President of the Academy which he accepted immediately.  When asked how he feels now that Premiere League promotion is within Huddersfield grasp, he replied:

“I try really hard not to think about it, because I know if I do I’ll start brooding, and I know that my brooding will turn negative eventually. Because that’s a way of protecting yourself, like when I go to an audition I always assume I’m not going to get the job… So I’m not thinking about it, but I’m extraordinarily excited”.

Simon was delighted to record this exclusive interview with such a great British actor, who’s passion for his club was fully evident.  You can watch the interview on ITV Yorkshire’s Calendar news blog here.



From this… Credit: Primetime Video

Primetime have been busy recording the deep restoration currently underway on Just Jane at the Aviation Heritage Centre, East Kirkby.  This restoration has been dubbed “NX611 Return to Flight?” by the team at East Kirkby, leading many to believe it’s the beginning of the final stage for returning this bomber into Lincolnshire skies.  Insipration for this latest push may have come from the recent sight of BBMF Lancaster PA474 in the skies with the visiting Canadian Lancaster, the first time two flying Avro Lancaster bombers seen airborne together in many decades.


To this... Credit: Primetime Video
To this… Credit: Primetime Video

The Panton family, who own the museum and Lancaster, began the restoration late this year, removing the upper and rear gun turrets, engines, elevators, undercarriage and many other components.  Most recently all of Just Jane’s iconic paintwork has been removed and a thorough inspection of the skins is underway.

We’re documenting this process for the continuation of our DVD series, and we’re providing mini cameras for 24/7 visuals inside the hangar at East Kirkby.

To find out more visit their website where regular updates are given and from where you can order our previous DVD titles.


Image by Simon White
Image by Simon White

Our cameraman Simon had the pleasure of travelling aboard the Northern Belle at the weekend, on a special trip from Grimsby t0 Alnwick Castle where Harry Potter magic would be re-created for the charity When You Wish Upon a Star.

The journey began at the crack of dawn, when the steam train transported children with life threatening illnesses, their families, and Harry Potter look-a-likes on this memorable journey to the castle that featured as Hogwarts in many of the movies.

“All of the children are very, very deserving. They suffer from terminal or a life-threatening illness, so we like to do things where we can create a bit of magic and do something a bit different.”  – Joanne Heywood – When You Wish Upon a Star

Cameraman Simon White with Harry Potter Credit: Calendar

You can read the full story here at the ITV website.


15420763_10154852723844169_5442496733475805149_nPrimetime had an interesting day spent filming at L’Oréal’s head offices in Hammersmith, London today. Working with Rosa Productions we recorded several pieces to camera and interviews across multiple floors of this impressive comany HQ.

We met with some of L’Oréal’s brightest new business and sales talent and all the staff were incredibly hospitable. Though incredibly busy we enjoyed our insight into this headlining global beauty industry.



Primetime were pleased to take part in BBC Radio Lincolnshire and Rosa Production’s outdoor spectacular Green Fields Beyond last weekend.  This major outdoor event presented an open air community performance and costumed processions through the centre of Lincoln to mark the 100th anniversary of Lincoln1916, and the city’s infamous invention of the tank.  It particularly highlighted the plight of the women who stayed at home to work in the factories building tanks as they worried and worked for their men away fighting.

This event was brought to Lincoln by the creators of LipDub in 2013, who linked up with us again to provide steady cameras to capture the procession through the centre of Lincoln. We also produced immediate packages for the web covering the live event on Friday night and Saturday’s procession and story telling events (video above, more on Rosa Productions Vimeo site) in the Castle.

From Rosa Productions website: “Funded by BBC North, a major grant from Arts Council England and support from Lincoln Cultural Destinations Fund, Green Fields Beyond will be professionally led and performed by local people, with thousands expected to watch at Lincoln Castle and on the city’s Steep Hill…   The project is named after the unofficial tank regiment motto ‘Through Mud and Blood to the Green Fields Beyond’, and will be part of city’s 100th anniversary commemoration of the events of 1916.   It took just 141 days for Fosters of Lincoln to turn rough blueprints into a fully constructed battle machine which went on to play a crucial role in battle during World War One.”