Media Consultants

Video and multimedia is a highly specialised field, which takes years to master and for a small amount you can draw upon our experienced digital media consultants to help you create a marketing masterpiece.

Primetime Media have over 21 years of experience in this field covering everything from product demonstrations, promotional dvds to television programme production.  If a video project isn’t handled correctly from the beginning then time and money can be wasted, with an end product that is unprofessional and a poor reflection of your business.

Primetime Media can guide you effortlessly from the initial meetings by supplying fresh ideas and scripting them for you.  We can support you during video shoots, with editing and post production, and finalising the project by exporting to the internet, to DVD or for TV commercials.

We can assist you with the following:

  • Ideas and concepts – communicating your meaning
  • Location video shoots
  • Aerial videography and photography
  • Studio and lighting shoots
  • Sound recording
  • Editing and post production
  • Special effects and graphics
  • Online video optimisation
  • Digital asset management
  • DVD post-production and replication
  • Live video mixing and web streaming
  • Art installations and public engagement projects


Our consultants will concentrate on identifying your core message, and advise you on the most effective language and video style to communicate that message to your target audience.

Contact us today for more information by calling 01205 750055.  Or fill in the form below for more details about any of our services.

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