Yvonne Crowther organising her 10 year gala

It’s that time of year again when the ITV Yorkshire region are searching for their Daily Mirror ‘Pride of Britain’ entrants.  Calendar News are leading the search, and last night they aired their second nominee.

Primetime Media cameraman Simon White travelled to the Beeston area of Leeds to meet Yvonne Crowther, the lady responsible for creating a youth club out of nothing but her own determination and a run down office.  Simon and the Calendar team attended the anniversary gala celebrating 10 years of Yvonne’s club, which has stirred such strong feeling in the Leeds area, that the likes of Tony Blair and the Chief Constable of West Yorkshire Police have visited.

The simple idea behind it is to get kids off the streets.  When asked why she does it, she simply replies: “Because I can, and because I want to. I just want to make things a little bit better for everyone.”

Cardinal Youth Club

She was nominated by the local parents and families of the Cardinal Estate who think she is a great inspiration and deserves the recognition they think she has more than earned.

You can watch the piece on ITV.COM now. A different candidate is one each night this week and the winner will be announced on Friday night’s Calendar News.  Make sure you’re watching!

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